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This is an RP journal, used for Agito Wanijima from Air Gear.

Please feel free to use this post to provide any crit you think I need, or just to contact me if you need to! Alternatively, you can use one of the following:

AIM: SkyDream16
Plurk: FortunaDraken

Please note that my Plurk is private, and I require some way of knowing who you are before accepting any friend invites.

Also, as a bit of information, at the following games everything Agito says or thinks will be in blue font due to either the cross-over from LJ, or personal preference.
-- Asgard Eventide
-- Crosscheck
-- Maison de Portes
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Looking to talk to Agito? Here's where to do so! You can also talk to Akito if you're being lazy about the journal thing, but if you aren't, his post is here.
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Luckily, thanks to Agito being a main character, a lot of the potential and possibilities of the Bloody Road are seen at various points in canon. Given enough time, no matter what the canon point for a game may be, it's possible to for him to learn and develop all the skills that are shown through Air Gear.

First a quick explanation on Roads - the idea behind them is that with the way a person rides, it leaves behind 'scars' on the area they train in. Eventually over time, these scars layer up and bind together, forming a 'road'. The eight main roads (of which the Bloody is one) function in the same manner in principle, but each one differs slightly in how it scars.

The Bloody Road is an attack-based road - the scars that it creates are written not on the environment, but on the opponent themselves, leaving their bodies as a living example of what it can do. It's fairly easy to tell a Bloody Road rider apart from others when watching them fight, as their attacks are some of the strongest, even without special tricks thrown in.

As such, it's not unusual that the road works best in areas that are enclosed. Places where the opponent has nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from the vicious beat-down that is promised. However at the same time, one of the most powerful tricks of this road does require space, so there needs to be some ability to run.

The 'fang' of this road is a shockwave that travels through the air. It's easiest to create when the Regalia is in play, but it's entirely possible for a skilled enough rider to create a fang without it. The fang is created through friction, using a principle of 0-100-0. From a standing start, the rider accelerates forward, reaching top speed within mere moments. They then brake, coming to a total halt. The friction created within the AT from this braking gives the fang its power, released through a powerful kick. The shockwave travels through the air, obliterating everything in its path before either exploding upon reaching a wall or dissipating into the air from travelling too far. The fang is more powerful the longer the 100 stage lasts. This gives the rider a very powerful long-range attack, to compensate for the normally melee-based road.

The Fang Regalia compensates for the fangs - the strain on the body to go to full speed as fast as possible then brake as quickly as possible is immense. The fangs quickly cause muscle damage the more they are thrown, resulting in there being a finite number that the rider can use before exhausting themselves. The Regalia ups this number considerably, to the point that multiple fangs can be thrown one after another without any visible downside. However it cannot negate the damage entirely - it's up to the rider to know their limits.

There isn't much to go on with how the Bloody Road matches up to other roads. It's known that the fangs are generally completely useless against the Over Road, the Rumble Regalia able to suck all the air out of an area, creating a space where there is nothing to propagate the shockwave that a fang truly is. The Sonia Road's thorns would more than likely also be able to rip through the wind of the fang.

The Infinity Atmosphere (the most dangerous attacks, to both the rider and the opponent) of the Bloody Road is the ability to manipulate how the fangs react by using the wind. A well known example of this is the Infinite Jail used by Akira, Agito and Lind at various points. The fangs form a 'cage' that can be as large or as small as the user wants, and can be further strengthened using the wind. They may simple be used to make an opponent be able to run away, or manipulated to collapse in on a capture foe, causing massive amounts of damage.
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From either dice or canon, a few things that I'm almost certainly going to forget otherwise.

Canon specific

- Has piloted a helicopter before once. Illegally, of course, but hey.
- Given things said in the Virtual Battle, almost certainly knows how to ride a horse. Why, who knows?

Portes specific
The Portes canon point is right after the Behemoth battle, so any skills learned are generally thanks to having spent a ridiculous amount of time in the game.

- Has a fairly good grasp on how to pull off Akira's 'Cage of Fangs' from the Behemoth battle.
- Bloody Blade Fang is almost complete.
- Due to the split allowing Akito to tune properly, the Fang Regalia is nearly entirely operational, to the point where it can shift its shape to the awakened version seen in the Virtual Battle. However the tuning is currently lacking, due to lack of resources to keep it completely tuned.

- Fun with fonons! Akito's learning how to use fonon magic from the Tales of the Abyss crew, and shared his knowledge with his brother one night. He wasn't that interested but he sure did roll a 2 on messing with fire, so uh. Yeah.
- And now he has a 6 on light. He's beating Akito at this and Akito isn't pleased about it.


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