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Name: Fortuna
Age: 24
Contact: [ profile] FortunaDraken
Character In-game: N/A

Name: Akito/Agito Wanijima
Canon: Air Gear
Canon Point: Post-Behemoth battle
Age: Fourteen (14)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Image link - Akito and Agito share a body. The image is pretty accurate, aside from the fact Akito's eye is golden in colour, similar to Agito's, just with the pupil different in shape (Akito's looks normal, Agito's is like a cat's). Sometimes canon forgot what colours it used for things.

History/Background: Wiki link - As an aside, the AG wiki is infamously unreliable at times. The history section however is accurate aside from the minor detail that Lind isn't the first personality of the body - he is literally Gazelle reborn, her soul grafted onto Akito's body. This gave Lind all her original abilities, including the power of the Brain Charger. It's because he is a second soul in the body that he isn't coming along for the ride.

Personality: Akito and Agito are two very different people in one body. Each one reacts differently to a situation, to the point where considering them the light and dark is almost eerily accurate – they are very opposite to one another. However they are also very aware of one another, to the point where they are able to talk to each other in their shared mind. It's not unusual to hear Akito talking out loud to his other half, and occasionally Agito seems to be listening to something no one else can hear.

Akito's the 'light' side of the coin that he and Agito make up. When Agito took the sadness from him, it left Akito the innocence that he craved but would never truly have. Even to this day, Akito knows his hands are covered in a taint that will never go away. But he cannot linger on it. Instead, Akito tries his best to make up for that night.

He's the light, the fun. Akito's rarely seen unhappy, preferring to show the world a happy face that can make others smile. His desire to be liked comes out in an amazing amount of energy that's almost infectious. Indeed, it's hard to stay unhappy around him when he's in full blown hyper mode. The one thing Akito values above all others is a friend's laugh, and he loves to hear it.

The boy is also optimistic to a fault. It's almost hard to believe, but Akito knows he must try his hardest, because inside there is always the lurking feeling that he will be rejected, or hurt. He knows the world is not a pleasant place. So he quells those feelings by trying to prove to others that being down isn't going to help anyone. It's ironic in a way, that he tries to stop others ending up like himself. But if he can do that, then he believes it's worth it.

Despite everything, Akito still loves his brother very much. Kaito scares him incredibly, but Akito does what he can to make his brother proud. Akito is, and always will be, loyal to those he trusts. And he's stubborn to a fault about it. If he believes you are a good person, no matter what happens he will continue to believe that about you.

His other half means the world to him. Agito is the dark to his light, and Akito honestly believes he couldn't live without him. He knows his other is his own person, and it bothers him when people call Agito a personality. He refuses to believe that his other will fade when he no longer needs him, because Akito knows he will never stop needing his other half. They are two sides to the same coin, and they will always need each other.

Finally, while anger is no longer common to him, Akito does have a very strong possessive and jealous side. He is also immensely proud of his AT work as a Tuner. If somehow you manage to trigger something within him that strikes a chord of disharmony...his temper can flare to volcanic proportions, and can explode in the most vicious of ways. Thankfully Akito does not get angry very often.

Agito is the 'dark', and often seen to be a shark. He's earn the reputation both it and his title of Fang King have given him. Agito is not the nice, kind person his other half is. Agito is mean, even occasionally cruel, and has no issues what-so-ever tearing into people and spilling their blood. The fighting is his drug, an intoxicating dance between life and death that he craves.

It's this alone that has allowed Kaito to control him for so long. Agito cannot stand Kaito. He hates Kaito more than any in the world. He refuses to call the man 'brother', and will not allow any sort of tie to exist between him and his other's brother. If it weren't for Akito, Agito would have killed the man long ago. However, his other means more than anything to him, and so Agito leaves Kaito alone, knowing it would upset his other forever.

Akito is Agito's world. Whatever he does, the reason behind all his decisions is Akito's wellbeing. If something is better for Akito, he'll do it. If it'll hurt him in any way, he'll be exceedingly against it. He forms acquaintances for his other's benefit, and destroy those who would harm him. No matter what happens to himself in the process. Agito doesn't matter.

The only thing that matters is that Akito is safe.

Despite his foul-mouthed and violent behaviour, Agito does have a caring side. It often only shows to Akito, and is the reason Akito can't see the bloodthirsty shark others call Agito. He knows that inside, Agito is still mentally a child, and can act like it on times. Socially awkward, he shies away from contact with other people that could lead to a somewhat normal conversation, preferring instead to swear them out and hide in his persona of the Fang King.

Yet Agito does somewhat long for a normal life. He knows full well that he was born to be Akito's shield. When a shield is no longer needed, it is discarded. Agito fears this more than anything. He will do whatever it takes to keep Akito safe and alive, but he fears dying more than anything, except maybe for losing Akito. Perhaps part of the reason why Agito is so strong when he protect someone is because in truth, he is afraid to lose them. The emotional turmoil behind such an event could destroy him, and he knows it. Agito may be the invincible Fang King, but in truth, he is almost constantly afraid.

To have a normal life would be something like a dream to him. To be actually able to live for himself is something he never dares to hope for. But Akito knows him better than anyone, perhaps ever himself. And his other half hopes and dreams for him, for his other to live his own life. Agito can never imagine it, but maybe...hopefully one day he will be able to.

The dark doesn't want to die. But with his belief that his existence erodes Akito's, he knows that he can't stay forever. He can't kill his other half. It's this love and obsession that will eventually kill him, unless somehow his other can find a way to stop it.

Skills/Abilities: Each side of the teen has their own specific abilities and skills. Despite it being one body, what one can do does not mean the other can also do it by automatic. They can teach one another or learn at the same time however.

A few shared abilities they do have is a rather incredible jumping ability and speed, thanks to training they've had. They also don't have as much trouble in low-lighting situations as most people.

Akito has no fighting skill to speak of, given his nature. However he is what his world calls a Tuner, able to read the 'song' inside a person or machine when in contact with them. This 'sound' is the noise each part of the body/machine makes, working in unison to keep it working. It changes with injury, emotion, breakage. It also lets him keep perfect time, a clock in his head that cannot be wrong unless he himself is disorientated. It was originally an ability created in order to sync a Storm Rider's AT to them, making them have the same sound, so that powerful AT wouldn't hurt their riders from the strain they could put on the body. This ability is one he was born with, though he's not the best tuner in the world. A tuner needs to have a perfect default song to work well – the presence of Agito in his mind causes his own sound to be skewed and makes his tuning imprecise.

Agito hasn't got this ability, but what he does have is a ridiculous amount of fighting skill. While their upper body is physically weak, the dark has a mean kick, and with how small and fast he is, he's an agile opponent in a melee fight. Put him on Air Treck, and he turns into an absolute powerhouse. His knowledge of how to use them means he is ridiculously fast and agile, to the point he's considered one of the eight Kings of the AT world, the best of the best. That doesn't mean he's unbeatable by any means, but it does mean he is not going to go down that easily. Thanks to their past, his pain tolerance is through the roof, to the point the only way to really defeat him in a fight without outright killing him is to get him to the point his body shuts down, because the pain isn't something that will stop him. He's fought through the pain of broken bones and multiple injuries before, he'll do it again. He's not dumb either – referred to as a 'battle genius', Agito knows when to pick a fight and when to shut up and get moving. He can pick his battles, even when someone's managed to piss him off.

Magic Weapon: Mana Treck - Rollerblades on crack is generally a good way to describe these weird-as-hell shoes. With two large wheels on the bottom that for some reason have a slight serration on the edges that rips at anything it gets a grip on, they're the sort of thing you really don't want to get kicked by. They're also near impossible to actually skate with unless mana is run through them. Then those wheels get spinning and make getting around the place a hell of a lot quicker. Also getting kicked by them: still not advised.

The mana drain to keep them running increases with the speed the rider wants, and at low levels it won't take long at all to completely drain a person trying to get somewhere fast. With some practise and learning when to turn the mana flow on and off without risking breaking a neck from falling, it's possible to spend quite a bit of time zipping around like a crazy person. However they suffer from the usual problem of a paired item in that losing one makes the other inoperable. Hopefully there isn't anyone going around stealing everyone's left shoes.

Carrier: Kiba - It looks like a cat-sized shark. It certainly swims in the air a few feet off the ground like one. And it's got the temper you'd probably expect from one, in the way it will snap and bite at anyone who isn't its owner. Strangely enough, it's more like a puppy when around them, enjoying a good cuddle and begging for treats. Suffice to say, it's protective as hell.

"Well...they aren't AT, but...I guess they're pretty close. Just have to relearn how to use them, right Agito?"

While there was a lot to do and see in this new place they'd apparently been called to, once they'd gotten a weapon like all the 'heroes' supposedly did, Akito had retreated back to where he was apparently going to be living. He'd settled in the middle of the bed, sitting cross-legged as he examined the strange new set of wheels they'd been given, talking out loud to the other in his head as he did. Akito didn't really care if anyone looked at him oddly for it. It wasn't about to stop him.

"'s like a video game. Magic. Magic-powered AT." The idea seemed silly even to him, giggling a little. He was glad of having gotten these, really. It was distracting him from the strange feeling inside himself that something was missing. Something that had always been there wasn't anymore. He wondered what, but got distracted by his other half answering him.

'Fuck. They still aren't our AT.'

"Well no,'s better than nothing, right?" the light asked, tilting his head to one side as he idly spun one of the wheels on the device with a finger. "Especially if it's true and we have to with this war thing. I know I feel better about you fighting with something similar to AT, even if they're not the same."

'I still don't know why I have to do anything for this stupid place. They brought us here, can't we just leave?'

Akito shook his head with a sigh. "There's probably a reason we can't go back. At the very least, since they're willing to do so much to make us comfortable and stuff, we should try and help out. Right? Please?"

'Whatever, fine. Just don't whine at me when it turns out this isn't all it's cracked up to be.'

He smiled, feeling the dark rolling his eye in their mind. "Thanks, Agito." That was one thing dealt with! He made sure the strange weapon-AT were tied on properly before sliding to his feet, catching himself before he lost his balance. Thank goodness they had wheel locks. Now, to find out everything else he could about this weird situation they'd found themselves in.

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